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Mikey Gray was raised on Lenni-Lenape land (Princeton, New Jersey), flying in the sky (her parents are both airline pilots), and bodysurfing in the Atlantic Ocean. She hopes to change culture in order to change climate change; to conserve art and nature equally. As a predominantly smiley human, her last name has helped ground her in the beauty of grayness, the tender balance that lies between the extremes in life.  

Mikey can be considered a local hire to LA, Chicago, Montana and NJ/NYC. She is currently working in LA but most recently toured for her third summer season with Montana Shakespeare in the Parks after playing #25 the captain of a high school soccer team in McCarter Theatre Center's production of THE WOLVES. Mikey lived in Chicago for five years where she was honored to work as the Assistant to the Creative Producer at Chicago Shakespeare Theater, performed in numerous theaters across the wonderful windy city and is an Artistic Associate at Shattered Globe Theatre. She received her BA in Theatre & Performance from Bard College (New York) with a conservatory semester at the National Institute of Dramatic Art (Sydney, Australia). In addition, Mikey has worked many jobs from producing short films, PAing, working in Development for non-profits, to teaching all over the country. 

When she is not creating, she can be found upside down in a headstand, running, biking, gardening, baking, swimming, skating, surfing, dancing, singing, knitting, unicycling, and climbing all over nature. 

Height: 5'2"

Eye Color: Brown

Hair Color: Brown​

Pronouns: she/hers

New music video teaser!
Trailer for The Wolves at McCarter!
Apparently I'm a published writer!!
I co-wrote an article for Cambridge University Press  
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TNQ about my experience with the people and places of Montana in relation to Shakespeare's Cymbeline and the Anthropocene!
2010 - present
2010 - present
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